Vastu and Shopping Mall

Vastu and Shopping Mall

In today’s modern life shopping malls are becoming integral part of our life. Even in our day-to-day life and business purposes shopping mall holds a big chunk of place. More and more businessmen and real-estate entrepreneurs are investing money in setting shopping malls or shops in different cities across the nation or around the globe. To get the return in multiplication more and more people are depending on Vastu and its principle. Vastu rules for shopping malls or commercial complexes ensure that people can earn great deal of profit and business from it.

In any shopping mall or commercial complex there are many opportunities for businessmen such as Footwear, Fashionwear, Theatre, Restaurant, Food Court & Game Zone. Each businessman needs Vastu Shastra’s help to pick and chose the position of his shop or showroom because builder will try to accommodate everyone yet he don’t want to waste an inch of space. Sometime wrong allotment of space by the builder or wrong choice of space can lead to business losses despite high footfall in the mall. Shopping malls, which are made according to Vastu, are very successful to all the business brands compared to those who are not completely following the rules.

Even if business owners in shopping malls have showrooms or shops that are in the wrong zone as per Vastu can be rectified by implementing some minor Vastu tips.
In general, food joints should be in South-West zone and screens of the multiplex should be in North or East. There are many rules depending on the location of the mall. If you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money then you can take advises from VastuGuru Ritesh Goel and smile your ways to the bank.


Disclaimer – All data, interpretation, prediction, information and comments received through Chandra Uday Vastu are generic. Effects can vary as per individual’s horoscope or present Vastu conditions. All Vastu tips from all sources must be verified by the specialist.


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