Complete Brand Consultation


Branding is huge exercise for any company to create its own and unique identity. This identity will share space in human’s mind to force him or her to opt for that brand. With the help of Vastu and Astrology one can place a brand properly into the consumers’ mind which helps it to earn overwhelming success. From name of the company (letters and style) to colour of the logo each aspect of Brand must go through Vastu and Astro checklists.
Take the instance of logo of your company which graphically represents the values and images of your company or organisation. To this perfectly one needs complete Vastu and Astro knowledge to take a holistic and specialized approach in Analysing , Evaluating , Assessingt, Modififying, Selecting , Finding perfect Placement in various position for your Brand. Creation of Logos with the help of Vastu and Astro can bring in amazing results. Services offered by Chandra Uday Vastu are based on the principles of Vastu, Numerology and Astrology , which look after three vital aspects Profitability, Sustainability and Suitability to create for winning formula over and over again. Over the years, it’s proven that company logo and brand is the company’s first touch point as it can either make or break a company, it is very essential that you have an appropriate logo to ensure top place in the market.

Business cards too hold an important part of your organisation. Vastu-wise perfect business card standard sizes and without any errors can do wonders. It’ll be foolish for you to underestimate the capabilities of your business card that is able to leave your mark behind. Your business card can speak volumes about you and your business. Your potential clients and business prospects might have met you but don’t expect them to keep thinking about your business all the time. This is where business cards take charge. This is something that is a part of your business existence. It serves as a prompt to find more about you and your business. So, if your card is as per Vastu-guidelines then you can expect flurry of business.

If you are looking for in this regard then ask VastuGuru Ritesh Goel, who can help you with his invaluable input to cement your success.