Services rendered by Chandra Uday Vastu are not only vast but effective to the core but also . We know each problem needs specific solution and requires special attention. No generic solution works successfully as every single problem has its own uniqueness and differences with the other. So, we are here to cover each subject with profound knowledge of our founder VastuGuru Ritesh Goel and willing to share the details of our services.

Residential & Commercial Vastu – In this segment, we offer our help in – Homes, Business Offices, Factories, Residential Lands, Industrial Analysis & Guidance. Additionally, we administer specific problem in households, offices, and factories by giving the reliable solutions that will help you to improve efficiency, enhance productivity and minimize downtime.

Gem Stones – Gem stones act as a path maker or breaker of your success.  Correct gem stone works well within a specific timeline ( after which the effects are bound to fade) can sail your life to the destiny of success while wearing it in the wrong timeline  or time span  one can throw you away from the top.  We offer a thorough analysis and present you with a timeline of stone wearing. This timeline will give you an idea that which stone you need to wear for a particular period of time to get the maximum benefit out of your life.

Numerology – Numbers reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies which is an integral part of the cosmic plan. In the same way, each letter of the alphabet has a numeric value which produces an inter-related cosmic vibration. The sum of the number of your birth-date and accumulated value derives from the letters in the name gives out an interrelation of vibrations. All these numbers shows a great deal of character, purpose in life. Founder of Chandra Uday Vastu knows how to determine the effective and best time for the major moves and activities in life.

Signature Consultation – A signature serves as part of personal communication as well as on important documents. Signature is the mark of one’s promise, trust and bond. It says lot about a person than any letter of words. It’s the very identity of a person. Vastu Guru, Ritesh Goel has the expertise on performing signature analysis. In this segment, he studies every traits of signature analysis minutely and has helped clients in dealing with their problem by giving them an effective solution after appropriate signature research.

Logo Consultation – Every shape and every colour has its own meaning and significance. Logo is the mark of one’s own business through which path of profit and prosperity can be drawn. In order to make the journey of any business perfect and prosperous one need to come out with perfect logo.  This is where the consultancy comes into effect as it will guide you with the perfect degree of the angle or the direction of the motion or the shape you need to be as your business emblem.

Visiting card Consultation – Visiting card is one of the main parts of your and your business’s identity. This is why it needs a special guidance to make the perfect appearance in front of prospective clients.  Everything, matters in a visiting card – the size, the shape, the thickness of the material, colours, fonts, position of the name and layout.

Financial Astrology – Timing the buying and selling of stocks is to follow certain astronomical and celestial principals.   Proper research and guidance will help the investor to choose a sound and solid stock in a favourable sector.

Additionally, we also research the performance of the stock has during past transits by comparing the stock price chart to the transits of the IPO chart of the stock. For researching stocks according to their IPO and incorporation dates, the very best and most reliable source to use it in real time market situations and seeing how aspects work in action help get a better perspective on the planetary energy.

In short, we help you to make profit from the stock market.