Open the Window Let Positive Energy in

Open the Window Let Positive Energy in

Our ancient scripture on architecture Vastu Shastra, leads us to prosperity and happy life by stating that window positions and open spaces are important because they let in the air, light and energy into the rooms of the house. Rightly positioned windows let positive flows of air, light and energy from the outside to the inside and spread them all over the house. Similarly, open spaces too have their importance in Vastu and if you don’t know the proper utilisation of open space then you may face some problems. But, if you know how to use both window and open space properly, which in turn will enhance the health and prosperity by creating a feeling of contentment and happiness.

There are some general guidelines to implement Vastu Guidelines for windows and open space which are as follows –

The windows should be opposite to the doors to allow the proper flow of air from room to room. This will also help positive and negative energies to complete their cycles and keeping the balance of the house intact.

Open spaces towards the north eastern side of the plot are considered to be one of the best locations as the northeast zone helps in promotion of wealth creation in abundance.

To make sure that morning light and good flow of air the windows in the North wall should be long and wide siding more towards the North-East. You can implement the same for windows on the East wall.

The residents of any residential property with open spaces in the north east are generally free from any disease and blessed with children

When you are building a house or buying an apartment from any builder make sure that there should be even number of windows in the house you pick, like 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. Always try to avoid odd number of windows like 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Avoid too many windows in the South-West directions. The Reason – The harmful, hot infra red rays of the Sunlight are projected maximum to the South-West direction in India. Hence it is preferable to have fewer openings in this direction.

One must leave some open space to balance overall energy of the plot. If you don’t allow no or very little empty or open space you are actually inviting loads of negative energy that can lead you to misfortune, disease and harmful effects for you or whoever lives in that property. There are many aspects of window and open space and if you implement Vastu rules properly then you can have a wonderful time with your family forever.

If you need any specific solution, you can always ask us and we will surely guide you in the proper direction.

Disclaimer – All data, interpretation, prediction, information and comments received through Chandra Uday Vastu are generic. Effects can vary as per individual’s horoscope or present vastu conditions. All Vastu tips from all sources must be verified by the specialist.


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