Too Much Aggression Leads To Devastation

Too Much Aggression Leads To Devastation

Aggression is not only an attitude for teenagers or the side effects of hormonal changes it can often be seen in the adults too. One must understand medical condition of that person is not the only reason behind his or her aggressiveness. One vital part that can cause this aggressive mode can also be due to the negative vibrations in the surroundings where the person stays whether in home or office. Millions of people across the globe suffer from this behavioural disorder which affects their lives in a big way. These victims of the negative environment of their living spaces must know the solution so that they can fight their way up to harmonious lives.

Both children and adults can have aggressive behaviour but most of the times they tend to ignore the few simple facts of Vastu that lead them to world of uncontrolled anger. As we all know directions plays a big part in Vastu and one specific direction could be responsible for aggressive erring behaviour of people we are talking about! Behaviour of people changes with the directions they deal with during day life. There are more Vastu related reasons which can be more than damaging the peace of mind of the owner of the house of office as people near or dear to him can be violent unable to manage the negative energies.

Remember, if the flow of vibrations in the child’s house is gentle and positive, the child will behave in calm and composed manner, think rationally and logically, and will also be creative. On the other hand, negative vibrations can be a cause of severe mood disorders and aggressive actions.

These negative vibrations are emitted in the house either by Vastu faults or by ignorance of the ‘power of directions and colours’ by the residents of the house. For instance, if the entrance of the child’s house is in the east zone towards the southeast direction, then not just the child, but all residents of the house will see spurts of extreme aggressive actions. The southeast entrance, says Maha Vastu research, has precarious effects on the boys of the house as they tend to behave in a manner that their elders start resenting them, resulting in a bitter relationship.

Also, if the room of the child is in this zone, the child will become aggressive. As per Vastu Shastra, this zone is the zone of fire, hence it ignites hot temper and negates the coolness of mind.

Generally, the symptoms are seen in the children of a family that shifts to a new house. If moving into a new building is unplanned and you fail to identify the right vastu zones, then most likely you will make an ignorant mistake which can be the beginning of miseries.

Such problems can be avoided by consulting a knowledgeable Vastu Shastra practiser. All that you may need or have to do could be the conversion of another room into the child’s bedroom, or change the colour of the walls and make small alterations in the placement of the electronics. For instance, if the walls of the bedroom in the southeast are painted in light yellow colour, the colour would absorb the extra radiations emitted in the zone of fire and the child sleeping that room will not have to bear the negative impact of the same.

Even if the child is not physically living in the southeast direction, but only his photograph is placed in that zone, the child will most likely bear the same negative effects. And the remedy here is not changing the colour of the walls, but to change the photograph’s location.

Another important element is the location where their beds are placed. The crucial zone, as per Vastu Shastra, is the east-southeast direction. If the child’s bed is in this direction, he tends to become over-logical and unnecessarily analytical, and begins to lose temper. This keeps increasing and is prominent in children who are older than 16 years.

Other than these two directions, if you see a change in the pattern of the child’s behaviour even after the basic setting is changed, it is recommended that you do a thorough vastu check of the house. For example, if the kitchen in the house is in the northeast zone, or even if the shades of red, or any other element that represents fire or heat, are present in this zone, then everybody’s mind in the house tends to be aggressive. As per Vastu Shastra, the northeast zone is the zone of the mind, a direction that helps in creativity. Hence, it is well understood what damage fire or an element of fire can do in this direction.

So, to control your child’s aggressive behaviour, it is important to understand the house as much as it is to understand the child. Vastu will not just make you aware of its fundamentals, but will also help you in finding remedies that will prevent aggression and violence in children, as well as help in boosting their talents and lifting their morale.

South-east is governed by Fire; hence it is better to stay away from this place which is only ideal for kitchen. This place should be avoided for living purpose as it tends to make people aggressive and assertive in nature. But if the person is very shy & introvert, lacks confidence, spending some time in this room is going to help a lot.
Good Behaviour North-west room is ideal for unmarried children especially girls. But when the kids are small, this room should not be given to them as they will not be able to concentrate in studies. The inmates living here will not be stable in the house and will always on the move.
North-east is good for uncontrollable children & aggressive people and this place makes them calm discarding all negative characteristics and enhances confidence. It is also good for the people who are in creative fields.
Avoid resting children in Southwest as it will make them adamant & arrogant. But being the owner, one must stay in Southwest corner; otherwise the control power will vanish gradually.
Persons who are in academic fields should spend more time in East rooms to enhance the knowledge.

Do not clutter your home. Problems with movements inside your own house can flare up tempers. Do not keep old things in the home as these blocks the flow of energy. A spacious house enables the flow of energy and uplifts the mood.

Keep a salt rack in every corner of the room. This is especially helpful during monsoon seasons as the salt rock absorbs excess moisture and purifies the air which in return makes the environment positive.

If you are buying a home ensure that there are no mobile towers or electrical transformers in the vicinity. Mobile towers create a mental irritation. If you already live in a home with these instruments around you, then take the help of a Vastu expert and ask for proper Vastu remedies.

Keep fresh flowers at home or light incense sticks. In the case of incense sticks make sure that the room is not filled with its smoke.


Disclaimer – All data, interpretation, prediction, information and comments received through Chandra Uday Vastu are generic. Effects can vary as per individual’s horoscope or present vastu conditions. All Vastu tips from all sources must be verified by the specialist.


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