Let there be Happiness in Married Life

Let there be Happiness in Married Life

“Marriages are made in heaven” Every married couple wants to enhance happiness in their Married life with a little bit help from luck. Every individual on this earth – whether single or married, needs luck in relationship and romance. The marriage is undoubtedly a very special bond not only between bride and groom but also within their families as both of them share emotions for a lifetime. For parents, marrying their son or daughter at the appropriate age is one of the biggest responsibilities and sometime concern in their life. Finding suitable match is one and living happily with the married partner is another concern that troubles every individual.

The bond of love and happy married life brings contentment and joy in everyone’s life. The truth is people say they are not having happiness with unexpected results in their lives. When a couple gets married, it is natural for each partner to expect and believe that the other one shares same goals and views of life. The way one thinks in turn expects the same from the other partner. Vastu Shastra, the sacred science from India can be used to create and enhance harmonious stress-free living in one’s martial relationships and better the love life by igniting love and feelings filled with romance for each other. It can help make the relationship more enjoyable and also enables to develop an unbreakable bond with your partner.

There are times when Vastu plays a major role in your married life. Happy married life can be disrupted by major imbalances in your house and it can turn the relationships sour, causing unnecessary conflicts with your loved one. There will be a time when relationships get bitter, misunderstandings start to surface and one starts to read relationship books, goes to marriage counselors and opt for other means to solve the issues. But nobody in general takes up the Vastu as one of the main reason.
To resolve their problems couples take help from various forms of predictions and assumptions that they get from different sources. They try to use those rulings in their lives to enhance their luck in terms of married life without verifying them.

One obvious reason that can create trouble in married life is of course wrong location of home. Along with the location there are objects whose wrong positioning can make adverse impact on married life. If implemented correctly and accurately, Vastu can help lives of married couple to be a happier one and maintain the compatibility between the spouses so that their love life gathers huge benefits. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines laid by Vastu in creating a balanced environment around your home.
There are some general rules that one can follow in the earlier stages but one must consult relationship needs a balanced environment. Some Do’s and Do not’s
Do’s –

  • Room in the southwest corner of plot is peaceful and prosperous for a couple.
  • Paint the bedroom with light and soothing colours. Shades in light colours like green, light blue, rose pink, in the Bedroom as this creates better understanding among the married couple.
  • Buy square or rectangular bed. Always prefer a wooden bed of regular shape which eases tension between partners.
  • Use single mattress on bed; prefer using a single quilt. It boosts harmony and positivity in martial relationship.
  • Place a picture of happy couple on the southwest corner for stability in married life.
  • To ensure smooth married life husband and wife should sleep on the right and left side of the bed respectively.
  • North or North West direction is ideal for newly married couple’s bedroom, as this direction ensures Consummation and marital Bliss in their life.
  • Keep the room clutter free, clutter gives only confusion.
  • Sleep in South-West or South bedroom.
  • Decorate the house with beautiful crystals, because the crystals help to attract light and illuminate the relationship as well.
  • You can keep fresh flowers in the bedroom; make sure to change them often.
  • Keep your bedroom clear and dust free because, dusty object means dust on the married relationship.
  • Keep the North-East part of your home clean and clutter free.
  • Keep fresh flowers, fruits like pomegranate in the Bedroom. Pomegranates are the symbol of fertility.

Don’t Do These –

  • Don’t allow water elements in bedrooms like waterfall pictures aquariums, fountain etc.
  • Air conditioners should not be installed on south walls.
  • Always avoid pictures of wild animals or pictures which show sadness and violence.
  • Check out the placement of sink and gas stove in your kitchen both element water and fire should not clash.
  • Avoid extension in South-East part of your home.
  • Don’t build underground water tank in South-West corner.
  • Try not to buy plot that slopes from North-East to South-West.
  • Don’t sleep in South-East bedroom and North-East bedroom if you want have peace and happiness in your married life.
  • Never have kitchen in North-East.
  • For peace in married life don’t use dark colour for walls of bedroom.
  • Married couples are advised not to use metal beds.
  • Don’t keep mirrors in bedroom. It leads to misunderstandings and quarrels. It should be kept covered especially in night.
  • Avoid TV or computer in couple’s bedroom because the Electromagnetic rays and vibrations from electronic substance like T V, Computer, creates stress and tension.
  • Sharp objects such as knife and scissors should be covered. The same is applicable to pickles as well. Openly placed knife and scissors or pickles in the bedroom creates sourness in relationship.

Vastu defects can create quarrels between husband and wife.
If you follow these general tips believe that following – and avoiding – the above mentioned points will eliminate the delay in marriage and would definitely help you to live a really peaceful married life. Remember, life of each couple is different and each married life must be treated differently. Likewise, when you are seeking Vastu advises specifically for your married life then you must ask a specialist.

Disclaimer – All data, interpretation, prediction, information and comments received through Chandra Uday Vastu are generic. Effects can vary as per individual’s horoscope or present Vastu conditions. All Vastu tips from all sources must be verified by the specialist.


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