Divinity of Cow and Its Importance in Human Life

Divinity of Cow and Its Importance in Human Life

Since ages and as per the Hindu scriptures Cow plays a major role in human life. But why cow is related to Vastu in any way? According to the VastuGuru Ritesh Goel, the reason is simple, cow symbolises ‘Earth’ which one of the five main element of Vastu. So, if you keep serving cow in proper way, you are actually doing good for yourself by maintaining Vastu in your life and bring prosperity, happiness with lots of good luck.
It is to be believed that cows are mothers of all beings and givers of all kinds of prosperity and they are the stairway to heaven.

Greater benefits come with Higher Respect
The cow’s devotees attain material wealth, Dharma, Vidya (knowledge) and prosperity. Whatever the cow’s devotees wish to get, they get everything. As per the scriptures, all the gods are believed to reside in the body of cow. Her four legs are the scriptural Vedas; her horns are the triune gods Brahma (tip), Vishnu (middle) and Shiva (base); her eyes are the sun and moon gods, her shoulders the fire-god Agni and the wind-god Vayu and her legs the Himalayas.

Respect Cow: Forever and Now
If you get the vision of a cow in your vicinity then you must offer namaskar with folded hands to her and by circumambulating her; one gets the results of circumambulating the whole world along with its seven continents. Anybody, who bows to the cow after circumambulating her gets rid of all his sins and attains heavenly bliss that is non-diminishing. So, anyone looking for prosperity in life should circumambulate the cows every day.

Remember, your ancestors and forefathers too reside within cow. So, when you respect cows by feeding them with fresh food or sugar and bread (Roti – flattened roundish Indian bread made of wheat) you will gain blessings and supreme prosperity from them.

Life is good if you feed cow fresh food
Anyone, who feeds the cow, will bring in huge share of luck and happiness. Anyone, who feeds other’s cows, opens the door of wealth and prosperity in life. But there are something one must take notice, always feed the cow with fresh fruits and vegetable to earn the blessings. But never ever feed dough to any cow as it’s too dangerous. Cow cannot digest the dough and it can chock her to death which means you actually bringing in curse to your family by feeding dough.

Earn the Blessings
Serving cow can earn you limitless blessings from every corner. Whenever you put ‘Lal Tika ( the Red Vertical mark on forehead) on cow and pray in front of her with folded hand it means your family life is set to become much more happier. Also, by doing this you are securing your children’s luck and happiness. Blessing from cow doesn’t ends here as there are more, for example-Anyone, who baths the cows, also receives great merits of bathing in waters of all the tirthas. Anyone, who daily serves the cows being happy and having control over his senses, receives prosperity.
Always remember, life gives you choice and it is up to you to take the right decision. Solution is there but you need to open your eyes and have faith in your beliefs. Whenever you serve a cow you are actually assuring your future happiness and prosperity by earning countless blessings.


Disclaimer – All data, interpretation, prediction, information and comments received through Chandra Uday Vastu are generic. Effects can vary as per individual’s horoscope or present vastu conditions. All Vastu tips from all sources must be verified by the specialist.


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